National Malaysian Shadow Ranking List

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U10 Boys Foil  U 10 Girls Foil  U 10 Boys Epee U 10 Girls Epee
U12 Boys Foil U 12 Girls Foil U 12 Boys Epee U 12 Girls Epee
U15 Boys Foil U15 Girls Foil U15 Boys Epee U15 Girls Epee
Cadet Boys Foil Cadet Girls Foil Cadet Boys Epee Cadet Girls Epee
Junior Men's Foil Junior Women's Foil  Junior Men's Epee Junior Women's Epee
Senior Men’s Foil Senior Women’s Foil Senior Men’s Epee Senior Women’s Epee

Short summary of the rules for the Ranking System

1. 5 best results counts towards the ranking system.

2. Results stand for one year.

3. Open to all Malaysians.

4. Foreigners residing in Malaysia working/studying will be included in the Ranking list.

5. Foreigner competitions are allowed to count towards the ranking if Malaysians are allowed to Participate.

6. Fencers results will be included in the ranking if a results list of the competition stamped or verified by the organizing committee of the competition is send to

7. Fencers need to survive at least one elimination to earn points, fenced or not fenced.

8. Click here for explanation of National Shadow Ranking System.

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