Explanation National Shadow Ranking System

For the betterment of Malaysian Fencing

The National Shadow Ranking System of Malaysia



1: Malaysian Fencers may be able to compare oneself to one other and be inspired to better them self to reach higher levels in the sport of Fencing. Do more competitions in a year and gain more excitement and experience at the same time.

2: That in the future other states and MFF will part or in whole adapt this Ranking System as a definite tool for Selection.

The Shadow ranking list will contain the following weapons and age categories.

Weapons: Foil and Epee.
Categories: U10, U12, U15, U17, U20, Senior (Men, Women)

How does the ranking list works.


1: Points can be obtained in any competition which is open to all Malaysian and or its categories. Which means foreign competitions count to the ranking as well, as long as Malaysians are allowed to participate. A direct result is that fencers who are studying abroad can be ranked as well.
(By sending there results to bekkingfencing@gmail.com)

Examples of competitions not counting towards the ranking, FTFA closed (not all Malaysians can participate), World Championships (Not All Malaysians can participate restricted by FIE)

2: Point obtained in competitions are valid for one year in the Ranking system.

3: Only the best 5 results will count towards the fencers ranking
Example: A fencer does 10 competitions in a year only his /her best 5 results will count towards the Ranking list.

4: Points belong to the qualification.

Rank  Points
2 950
3 925
4 900
5 830
6 820
7 810
9-12  700
13-16 600
17-24 500
25-32 400
33-48 350
49-64   300
65-96   250
97---  200
Table 1.1 Note the above mention point still need to multiply by the competition strength factor.

Obtaining of points

A fencer can only earn point if;

1. The fencer survive at least one elimination (fenced or not fenced)
Example: 24 fencers present.
incomplete table of 32, only the fencers who survive the first elimination(fenced or not fenced) get points which is rank 1 till 16.

Determining the strength of the competition

Not every competition is the same therefore some a calculation need to be done in order to determine the real strength of the competition at that time.

Strength factors

1. Number of participants, standard is 32 fencers, is a factor 1 in strength.

2. Number of countries participating (minimum of 3 fencers per country to be recognize as participating country), each country will add 0.1 strength to the competition with a maximum of 0.5

Formula: (N/ST) + (C/10) = Strength Factor

N = Number of actual participants.
ST = Standard factor currently set on 32 participants.
C = Number of participating countries (minimum of 3 fencers per country)

Example Multi Media Championships 2018
Weapon: Epee
Category: Men Senior
Number of participants= 51
Number of participating countries= 1 (Singapore)

Formula (51/32) + (1/10) = 1.6 + 0 .1 = 1.7

Applying table 1.1 and the rules of earning points

An incomplete table of 64 will emerge where most fencers get a bye.
[He / she who survive at least one elimination (fenced or not fenced)]

Only 32 fencers will be earning points.

Rank 1 fencer gets 1000 x 1.7 = 1700 points
Rank 2 fencer gets 950 x 1.7   = 1615 points
Rank 3 fencer gets 925 x 1.7   = 1573 points
Rank 32 fencer gets 400 x 1.7 = 680 points

3 Special competitions
A: National Championship of Malaysian all categories predetermine strength factor of 2.
B: President Cup predetermine strength factor of 1.5.


Rounding in the ranking, the first decimal will be rounded up if 0.5 or more
Rounding in the Strength, factor the second decimal will be rounded up if  0.05

This Ranking system is Produced and will currently be maintained by Gilbert Bekking Head coach of Bekking Fencing Academy and is inspired by The KNAS( National Dutch Fencing Federation) who adapted a similar Ranking System in the early 80’s till now.

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